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Clean Decks and Fences, Extend their Longevity

Decks and fences add beauty and value to your home. But when you do not care for them properly, leaves, pollen, dust and debris accumulate on the surface. In time, the debris can decrease the life and integrity of a deck or fence.

Most home maintenance professionals recommend a proper deck and fence washing once a year. Clean surfaces in spring or early summer so you can enjoy a freshly cleaned deck or fence during the summer months.

Pressure washing is the best way to improve a dull or faded appearance, remove black or green spots, and eliminate streaking. But it’s important to use the proper cleaning agents and pressure to prevent surface damage. 

We have the expertise and equipment to safely pressure wash a deck or fence. Our experts combine professional pressure washing equipment with gentle-but-effective cleaning chemicals to brighten deck and fence surfaces and protect your investment. Our process addresses difficult spots, scuffs, minor scratches and stains to leave these surfaces looking like new.

Choose Water Pro Exterior Cleaning for a professional deck and fence cleaning. We take pride in the quality of our work and the care of your property. 

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If deck hardware appears dull or corroded, it’s time to clean your deck.

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