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Clean Your Siding, Protect Your Investment

Your home is more than the place you live—it’s an investment. But dust, dirt, pollen and grime can make a home look dirty and dull, damage exterior surfaces, and in time, lower the value of your investment. Professionally cleaning your siding can help.

Water Pro Exterior Cleaning safely cleans vinyl, cedar, aluminum, brick, stucco or composite siding to wash away the natural buildup of airborne debris. Our gentle soft washing services also remove mold and mildew.

We have the background and the skills to pressure wash your home. Our experts combine professional power washing equipment with gentle-but-effective cleaning chemicals to polish your home’s tarnished exterior. 

Clean siding increases your home’s curb appeal, maintains the value of your investment, and adds years to the life of your home exterior.

Whether preparing your home for painting, putting your house on the market, or doing preventative maintenance, Water Pro Exterior Cleaning is ready to help.

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Ordinary, off-the-shelf bottles of bleach do not contain a high enough concentration of sodium hypochlorite to effectively clean siding. We order our sodium hypochlorite from a local commercial supplier. 

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