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Frequently Asked Questions

Our answers to Frequently Asked Questions will tell you all you need to know about pressure washing your home exterior.

What is soft washing and how does it clean my house?

Soft washing uses special nozzles on the end of a trigger gun or lance to lower water pressure before spraying surfaces. When combined with gentle-but-effective commercial cleansers, soft washing removes dirt and organic materials such as mold, algae, lichens and moss.

Why should I wash the exterior of my home?

Over time, your siding accumulates dirt just like any surface. Along with dirt, there are spores and fungus floating in the air. These spores and fungi like cool and moist locations to grow. The shady sides of your home provide a perfect growing medium for these organic materials. It does not matter if your siding is wood, vinyl, cement board, aluminum, stucco or EIFS (Exterior insulation and finish system). These organics latch on to the siding and with time and moisture, they grow. Organic materials like algae and lichens are unsightly and lesson your home’s curb appeal.

What chemicals do you use and are they safe for pets?

We make sure every chemical we use is safe for pets and people. Our primary cleaning ingredients are sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and a surfactant (soap). Sodium hypochlorite breaks down into salt, which is harmless to people or pets. We use safe professionally manufactured chemicals to clean concrete. Ordinary, off-the-shelf bottles of bleach do not contain a high enough concentration of sodium hypochlorite to clean effectively. We purchase sodium hypochlorite from a local commercial chemical supplier. When we combine sodium hypochlorite with special soaps formulated to cling to vertical surfaces, we have an effective means of cleaning your home. 

What can I do about the black streaks and “stuff” growing on my roof?

We employ the same soft washing process used on siding to clean your roof. The black streaks you see are gloeocapsa magma, a species of bacteria that thrives in direct sunlight and the limestone filler found in asphalt shingles. Black streaks appear when gravity pulls the gloeocapsa magma down the shingles. The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association reports there is no scientific evidence to suggest that gloeocapsa magma damages roofs. 

Can you pressure wash a roof?

Never pressure wash a roof. The high pressures will damage the granules found in shingles and can force water under the shingles. Our process uses a 12-volt pump to supply a high concentration of chemicals onto your roof. We allow the chemicals to remain on the roof without rinsing and let Mother Nature do the rest. The chemicals destroy gloeocapsa magma. Rain and weather complete the process and gently remove bacteria, lichens and other materials growing on your roof.

Is soft washing safe?

Yes. Soft washing is much safer than using a regular pressure washer. It does not force water up under siding and will not damage shingles, windows or screens.

What are the black spots on my siding, and can you remove them?

These black spots may be artillery fungus. The tiny fungus related to the mushroom lives on mulch, which provides the moisture necessary to thrive. To repopulate, artillery fungus shoots tiny spores into the air that become attached to siding and create tar-like sticky spots. If you scrape off the black spots with your fingernail, a small stain will remain. Cleaning your siding will not remove these stains. No commercial product will remove stains completely without leaving behind rub marks or discolored areas.

Can’t I just rent a power washer and clean the exterior of my home myself?

If you rent a pressure washer from a local home improvement store, you will get a pressure washer with a couple of nozzles and maybe 10 minutes of instruction on using it. These local stores do not provide you with a means to inject chemicals into the water. Nor will they tell you which nozzle is appropriate for what conditions. Without using the correct nozzles, you risk forcing water under your siding, damaging caulking, and destroying window and door seals. Consumer-grade pressure washers work best for the occasional cleaning of patio furniture, BBQ grill grates, or other small areas. These systems do not hold up to cleaning an entire house.

Why should I hire Water Pro Exterior Cleaning to clean my house, driveway or roof?

Water Pro Exterior Cleaning possesses the experience and equipment to pressure wash your investment. Our blend of professional soft washing equipment and gentle-but-effective cleansers can wash away grime to brighten dull and dirty exterior surfaces.

  • We are fully insured. 
  • We meet with you in person to examine your home and provide a free estimate. 
  • We listen to our customers and respond to them. 
  • We fully explain how we will clean your home and how long it will take.
  • We set up a date and time for cleaning. It is unnecessary to be home while we work. We just need access to your water spigot and the windows closed prior to our arrival (assuming we are washing your house). 
  • We make sure you are satisfied. We will review our work to ensure it meets your expectations before we leave. We do not expect payment until you are completely satisfied.

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